Headshot II DeckAbout Nita

As a woman who has endured the many up & down roads of life, I KNOW that what so many of us are looking for are…

–  A feeling of greater security about ourselves.
– That something at the center of our life that gives it meaning and makes life worthwhile. In other words- confidence, purpose and love. This journal works specifically to help women of all ages connect with their own life and confidence – to feel stronger, more self-assured and generally good about themselves and their life especially in these turbulent days we live in.

I get great satisfaction when I hear that women blossom as they try out new approaches to old problems, overcome their fears and connect with their inner resources of confidence, courage and determination. Journaling and self exploration will help you get there!

After going through a significant life-transition, I have found that journaling and reading helped me immeasurably. During this process I came across many quotes on a variety of topics that I found inspiring and insightful. “A Woman’s Journey is her Legacy” was born over 10 years ago and it is as relevant today as the day it was first created. I love the fact it is a physical, tangible product that you can hold in your hands, keep under your pillow or any special place in your sanctuary. You don’t have to have access to a computer or the internet. It’s not going to disappear if the internet goes down or your computer loses power.  You can touch it and feel the palpable power of your words as they couple with the energy and words of other amazing souls that came before you.  Yes, it’s nostalgic and reminds me of the diaries of days gone by.  Now isn’t that a comfort?!!!

I have a diverse professional background, ranging from working as a police officer in Oakland, California, to a successful career in the fashion industry and now I’m a budding real estate agent! And most important, I am the mother of two incredible sons, Hunter and Colton. So you see, our unique personal journeys continue to grow and evolve with time.

I’m very grateful that along the way I discovered my passion and purpose in life is to create beautiful products that elevate the lives of women. I graduated from the acclaimed Higher Awareness Program and coach certification through the Centre for Coach Training. This journal is a gift to women all over the world. Thank you very much for visiting my website and please drop me a line at anytime! I’d love to hear how this journal has touched your life. 

Nita Howard